Unforgettable visual experiences

Collective hallucination through light and sound

Ibercover is an interactive content production and concept development studio.

We work with light and sound, with images and music, with ideas, with buildings, illusion and technology. We give rise to immersive, inspiring, truly unforgettable experiences.

Weather a short-lived or a long-term installation, we can help to develop the concept, figure out the best technologic and logistic approach, and provide an expert team to run it. All within budget and timeframes set.

We’ve produced all kinds of commercial, artistic and cultural events. Through the use of projection, 3D mapping, virtual and augmented reality, often throwing live performance and interactivity into the mix, we fabricate and deploy rich, emotionally engaging adventures that stick.

Each project we work on is conceived visually, musically, and then fleshed out through different technologies and programming techniques. We dream big and shoot for the stars while keeping an eye on your budget, your target markets and your business goals.

Ibercover is built upon an exceptional team of people and around a streamlined workflow for faster turnaround times.

We’re out to create powerful, time-stopping, mind-bending experiences that audiences will take home, talk about and remember.

We have worked for some pretty first-class names, and better yet, with plenty of highly talented people around the world. We’re mighty proud of every single one of these…

Tell us about you and your idea, the show you dreamed, ask the questions, comment our work, say hi.

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